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Constanza Carvajal
b. Santiago de Chile
Lives and works in Berlin

Constanza Carvajal is a Chilean artist living in Berlin whose practice extend into the intersection of visual art and cultural production. Working both collectively and individually, she engages in meaningful dialogues within specific contexts, exploring the aesthetics of the everyday and the seemingly "unimportant."

Her practice delves into urban social practices, examining perceptions of progress and modernity in architecture and urban life, as well as the interplay between public and private realms. Additionally, she has contributed to exhibition design, educational initiatives, interior design, and construction projects.

Over the past decade, Constanza has been actively involved with the Chilean art collective Mil M2, collaborating on prototypes for cultural institutions and participating in projects for collective knowledge generation in public spaces. Their work has been exhibited in various countries across Latin and North America, as well as Europe. 

Since 2021, Constanza has been collaborating with the initiative DA SIND WIR*, which explores through artistic means and interventions the role and visibility of FLINTAQ* individuals in public space.



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