Constanza Carvajal

1987, Santiago de Chile

Lives and works in Weimar, Germany

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The work I do focuses on the aesthetics of the everyday and what seems “nonrelevant”, as well as the perceptions of progress and modernity - architecture, urban life, rural landscape — and the dialogues between them, in both public and private life, intimacy, labor and space.


Other focuses of my practice include the “architecture of survival”, adaptation, as well as the “on the road” character of objects, and lack and scarcity as driving forces for doing.


Adapted from my initial practice within a collective in my working process I develop a series of exercises and working experiments centered around one main concept —with the incorporation of mixed media often becoming part of my research process.


In my work I often incorporate common, everyday materials, unfolding their meanings and testing new possibilities through video, installation, editorial practice and textiles. By combining exercises and adopting definitions from different  languages, my practice often embraces factors that otherwise would not connect to the work directly.

I am as well,member of Mil M2 art collective, you can visit our website here.

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