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Don't Wash Your Dirty Laundry in Public

Constanza Carvajal, María Paula Maldonado, Carlos Santos


Weimar, Germany


Based on the saying “You don’t wash your dirty laundry in public” the workshop walks over the thin line of political correctness and intimacy. Touring around the rooms of the participants, with voyeuristic and archival disposition, the attendants relate themselves with feelings of comfortability, amusement and vulnerability while they collect objects and memories that will be the basis for a collective cyanotype action at the Ilm River. Amidst pride and shame, the cyanotypes were washed out and publicly “aired”.


This project was developed with the support of Tutorienfunds Bauhaus Universität Weimar, and in collaboration with artist Maria Paula Maldonado and photographer Carlos Santos.

©Photos by Carlos Santos

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