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The Wandering Cabinet

Taking inspiration from the Spanish concept of Trueque*, 'The Wandering Cabinet' invites tactile exploration, encouraging visitors to choose and take home its objects at no cost. Reflecting the historical multifunctional furniture of Björkoby's Ostrobothnia archipelago, the piece engages in a dialogue with the local tradition where wandering artisans exchanged their furniture creations for shelter and food. This often occurred within women-led households, which, on one hand, reinforced traditional gender roles and, at the same time, rising alternative economies.

The work derives its shape from local architecture and the iconic 'Björkö skåp' cabinets, which were typically constructed on site. It utilises used OSB boards, wheels, paint, and found objects to blend industrial and local crafts, merging perspectives on craftsmanship, identity, stereotypes, and the concept of the 'other.' 

*Trueque: A Spanish term signifying the direct exchange of goods and services without currency, involving the swapping of one item for another.

Image Credits


Platform team

Frank Buchta

Jonny Smeds

©Images by Frank Buchta

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